I. Buchbinder (Tomsk): Introduction to SUSY

A. Filippov (Dubna): Elementary soluble models of black holes, cosmologies and gravitational waves related to supergravity and superstrings.

E. Ivanov (Dubna): Introduction to extended SUSY

G. Lopes Cardoso (Munich): Supersymmetric black holes

O. Lechtenfeld, C. Saemann and M. Wolf (Hannover): Twistors, supersymmetric gauge theory and integrability

S. Odintsov (Barcelona/Tomsk): Dark energy: from modified gravity to phantom model

V. Rubakov (Moscow): Large distance modification of gravity: approaches and problems

Y. Shnir (Oldenburg): Supersymmetric monopoles and related topics

D. Sorokin (Padova): Relativistic particles and strings

A. Starobinsky (Moscow): The present status of dark energy and the primordial spectrum of perturbation in the Universe

M. Vasiliev (Moscow): Introduction into higher-spin theory

D. Vassilevich (Leipzig): Supersymmetric solitons.

B. Zupnik (Dubna): Deformed [super]symmetry in non-commutative field theory