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[DIR]2014-04-17/ - A. Starobinsky - Consequences of the announced discovery ...
[DIR]2014-05-22/ - V. Rubakov - What was before the hot stage of Universe evolution? ...
[DIR]2014-06-18/ - Jubilee of G. V. Efimov (in Russsian)
[DIR]2014-10-03/ - G. Zweig - Concrete Quarks: The Beginning of the End
[DIR]2014-10-09/ - Jubilee of V. N. Pervusnin (in Russian)
[DIR]2015-03-17/ - Jubilee of V. S. Melezhik (in Russian)
[DIR]2015-09-30/ - Mats Larsson - Lev Landau and the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physics
[DIR]2015-12-02/ - Seminar devoted to Vladimir G. Kadyshevsky (in Russian)
[DIR]2016-03-03/ - Seminar devoted to Dmitrij V. Shirkov (in Russian)
[DIR]2016-06-15/ - Seminar devoted to the memory of G.V. Efimov
[DIR]2016-09-14/ - Jubilee of A. T. Filippov (in Russsian)
[DIR]2016-09-22/ - A. Buchleitner - Transport on network-like structures -- from light-harvesting to boson sampling
[DIR]2016-10-27/ - Klapwijk T. M. - Return of the Josephson-effect
[DIR]2016-12-16/ - Jubilee of JINR director V. A. Matveev (in Russian)
[DIR]2017-01-12/ - Jubilee of R. V. Jolos (in Russian)
[DIR]2017-03-13/ - Jubilee of A. K. Motovilov (in Russian)
[DIR]2017-05-12/ - 80th anniversary of V.G.Kadyshevsky
[DIR]2017-06-15/ - Jubilee seminar of N. M. Plakida (in Russian)
[DIR]2017-12-22/ - Jubilee seminar of S. B. Gerasimov (in Russian)
[DIR]2019-09-10/ - Memorial seminar dedicated to V.B Priezzhev on occasion of his 75-th anniversary
[DIR]2019-10-02/ - Jubilee seminar of F.Simkovic
[DIR]2021-06-09/ - JINR Joint Seminar: A.Fedorov - Quantum Computing Using Multilevel Systems
[DIR]2021-07-07/ - V. Vorobyev - Super charm-tau factory
[DIR]2021-12-17/ - Семинар, посвященный 80-летию научного руководителя ОИЯИ академика Виктора Матвеева
[DIR]2022-01-17/ - Jubilee seminar of R. V. Jolos (in Russian)
[DIR]2022-04-15/ - Jubilee seminar of R. G. Nazmitdinov (in Russian)
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[DIR]2022-05-26/ - Ю.Ц.Оганесян - Границы и структура атомных ядер /к 65-летию ЛЯР ОИЯИ/
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[DIR]lab/ - BLTP Joint seminars held in Blokhitsev hall
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