Video records of BLTP Laboratory seminars


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[VID]BLTP-Aud4_May05_14-50-01.mp43.8GVideo in MP4 format
[VID]seminar_20160310.mp4506MD.I.Kazakov - Landscape View at the Edge of a Mystery
[VID]seminar_20160322.mp4492MA.F.Zakharov - The discovery of gravitational waves with LIGO
[VID]seminar_20160331.mp4666MS.M.Bilenky - Neutrino Oscillations. Nobel Prize in Physics 2015
[VID]seminar_20170323.mp4655MK.M.Belotsky(MEPhI, Moscow) - Primordial black holes as a dark matter candidate
[VID]seminar_20190404.mp4759MD.I.Kazakov - Rencontres de Moriond - 54 : Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories